What software do I need for the X-Carve? How much does it cost?

The only software you need for X-Carve is our free, web-based Easel software. Easel is our 3-in-1 software for 3D carving that allows you to design, generate toolpaths, and communicate with X-Carve all from the same interface.

Historically, you would need three software tools for working with the machine: a CAD drawing program, a CAM toolpath-generating program, and a controller software interface to send the code between your computer and your machine’s controller.

Easel simplifies this process and makes it easy to go from idea to finished product in a fraction of the time. Once you've designed your project, Easel automatically generates the machining toolpaths. The software comes with an easy-to-use controller interface that allows you to send the project code to your X-Carve, move your machine for zeroing, and home your machine (if you have homing switches installed).

For a quick overview on how to design projects in Easel, watch this 4-minute video tutorial:

You can see more Easel tips and tricks in our Easel Live video classes. Mo shows how to design a variety of projects from start to finish, sharing tidbits about 3D carving, selecting bits, and our favorite materials along the way.

We also offer an Easel tutorial section for learning apps, tools, and other aspects of Easel. 

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