Can I make my own 1000mm Waste Board?

Some of our customers opt to build their own waste boards as an alternative to having the waste board shipped. The waste board is the largest, heaviest, and most expensive item to ship. It can save you a significant amount of your estimated shipping costs but does require a little bit of extra work on your end.

If you're interested in omitting the waste board from your X-Carve order, there are a few things you'll need in order to assemble your own:

1. The engineering files for the 1000mm board ( and silk screen file (attached). Please note you'll need to purchase your own 3/4" thick MDF board, which can be cut to size at a local supplier you trust.

2. You'll also need the hardware that comes in the kit. You will want to add these to your cart with your X-Carve so they will ship with the rest of your kit:
a. 144 threaded inserts, 2 bags of part #30517-05 (
b. 14 pre-assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part #25281-08 (
c. 14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15 (

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