Offline Easel Usage


If you don’t have access to the internet where your X-Carve is located, you can export your file and use a separate communication/control program to send the file to your machine. Please note that you still need Internet access to design projects in Easel.

Start with your Easel project, when still connected to the internet, and head to the advanced settings found under the Machine menu:




Click on the ‘Generate g-code’ button to tell Easel to generate the toolpaths, and then the ‘Export g-code’ button to save the file. The file should be saved to the designated downloads folder on your computer and will be named the same as the title of your Easel project.


The communication/control program we recommend is called Universal GCodeSender (UGS) and can be found here:


UGS is a Java based program, so make sure you have the most current version of Java.  If you’re using the Chrome web browser, you’ll need to switch to a different browser as Chrome does not support certain plug-ins and won’t run all Java content.  Check to see if you have the latest version of Java here:

Click on ‘1.0.9’ to download the current stable build of UGS:


When finished downloading, extract and open up UGS.

For some versions of Windows, you might need to double click on the start-windows.bat file to open up the program, but you’ll normally be fine with just using the UniversalGcodeSender.jar file.

For some Mac users, you might find that you get a ‘“UniversalGcodeSender.jar” can’t be opened because it is from an ‘unidentified developer’ message.  Just head to the Security & Privacy section of your System Preferences to give the program permission to open.


Once UGS is opened up, head to your machine, turn on the power, and plug in your USB cord. Click on the refresh button between the ‘Baud’ and ‘Open’ buttons to refresh the available ports. Windows users will see a ‘COM#’ and Mac users should see something similar to ‘dev/tty.usbmodem...’ available. Select the port, make sure the baud rate is set to 115200, and click the ‘Open’ button to create the connection between your computer and machine. You’ll see a welcome message from Grbl when successfully making the connection:


Click on the ‘Machine Control’ tab to access the jogging controls and jog your machine over to your home position:

Click on the ‘Reset Zero’ button to set your home position:

Go to the ‘File Mode’ tab and click ‘Browse’ to find the file you exported from Easel:

Open your file and click on ‘Send’ to send it off to the machine, just make sure you’ve got your spindle turned on before sending:

Click on the ‘Visualize’ button to get a preview of what’s being carved:

Note: Using any non-­Easel software or any software provided by a third party to directly control Carvey will void your warranty.

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