Connectivity Issues: Computer Doesn't Recognize Machine (Wrong COM Port)

If your computer does not automatically detect your Arduino board, you need to manually add in the COM port connection. This may require you to enter your COM port every connecting the machine, but it has proven to be less troublesome for most Windows users. Here's what you'll need to do: 

• Update the grbl firmware on your Arduino (here are step-by-step instructions)

• Once you have updated the grbl firmware on the Arduino, you will need to determine what port your Arduino is using to connect with your computer. Open your Arduino IDE software and check the COM number under Tools > Ports. Write down this number.

• Open Easel and hit the "Carve" button in the upper right corner. If the "Carve" button is still blue, this should bring up the "We cannot find your machine automatically" pop-up. 

• Check the "Enter COM Port Manually" box. Type in the COM port number from your Arduino IDE port, as shown here: 

Your computer should now detect your Arduino and connect to your machine! You will know you are successful if the "Carve" button turns green. 

If you are still having trouble connecting to your machine, please contact our Customer Success team

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