Fidget Spinner Challenge Rules

Note: this Maker Challenge ended on April 30, 2017.



  • The contest is limited to fidget spinners made on X-Carve or Carvey with Easel. (Can be designed in Easel or imported into Easel)
  • The project page must list the bill of materials
  • The “open in Easel” button to open your file
  • You must have an image on your profile picture
  • Finally, your social responsibility is to publish at least one tweet, post on Facebook, or Instagram with a link to this forum thread that uses the hashtag #inventableschallenge

How to submit an entry

Go to the challenge page and add your remake. If you are doing Level 1 you must take a screenshot of your design in Easel and use that as the image. For Level 2 you must use the carved out image. For Level 3, in addition to an image of the carved version you need to add an image of it spinning and an animated gif or video in the body. At Level 4, you must use the image of it carved.


We will review all the remakes on the challenge page to determine the rewards. The first round of rewards was sent right after March 31st. We extended the deadline to April 30th because this was so popular! The second round will be sent right after April 30th.

The rewards are stackable, so the maximum you can get is $115 gift card. Each person can only achieve each level once. This is the honor system-- we don’t want people posting 100 Level 1 entries and expect to earn 100 $5 gift cards. Please be respectful and be a good actor so we can continue to do these challenges. You can carve the spinners at lots of libraries like Chicago Public and San Diego Public. You can choose to donate your gift cards to the library so they can order more materials for the maker space at the library.

Designs depicting copyrighted material are allowed under Fair Use law, (e.g. a Settlers of Katan themed spinner). Inventables will not promote, advertise or link to the sale or distribution of any designs that contain copyrighted material.

Level 1

Design a unique spinner and post the Easel file as a remake. Use a screenshot of the easel file as the image for your design. You must have the Easel file linked using the “open in Easel” button. The design must be a an original creation that could be made and used. It also must be unique from the other ones on the site. Spinners made only using the Fidget Spinner App do not qualify. If you use the app and make a modification it will qualify. You don’t need to carve it. Level 1 reward= $5 Inventables Gift Card

Level 2

Carve your Level 1 design and place the photo of the finished product with bearings installed as the main photo on the project page slideshow. Level 2 reward= $10 Inventables Gift Card

Level 3

Implement an LED into the spinner so when it spins the circuit is completed by spinning it. At rest the spinner LED is off. When you spin it then it turns on. (Any interesting electronics implementation will be accepted. Interesting is judged by @jdm) Level 3 reward= $50 Inventables gift card

Level 4

Full 3D carving not just 2.5D. Bonus points for flip milling where both sides are full 3D. Level 4 reward= $50 Inventables Gift Card

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