Fidget Spinner Maker Challenge FAQ

Note: this Maker Challenge ended on April 30, 2017.

How do I apply for the Maker Challenge?

Go to the Fidget Spinner Challenge Page and post your fidget spinner. Your spinner should align with the Challenge rules.

Is there a limit on how many rewards you can get? If I submit 10 fidget spinners do I get ten $10 gift cards?

Each contestant can earn each level one time and earn no more than $115 in gift cards.


Are people buying these Easel designs once they are made?

At this time the spinners will be available for people to remake for free. Think of it more like an open source library of different designs.

Why aren’t we required to carve our designs?

We are trying to make this as accessible as possible. We don’t want owning or having access to one of our machines to be a requirement for participation. There are lots of people that are interested and have access to Easel but don’t have a machine. Also, there are now lots of public places you can go to carve like schools, libraries, and makerspaces.

Where can we see the other submissions or the rest of the collection?

They are posted as remakes on the challenge page for the project.

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