Walkthrough Tutorial: HD Detailed Preview

Easel’s High-Definition Preview feature allows you to generate vivid 3D renderings of your projects before carving them. You can get clear visuals about every element of your design and how your project will look when carved.

For most Easel projects, the HD preview will automatically generate in the 3D preview pane on the right side of Easel’s interface. However, more complex projects require you to click the “Generate 3D Preview” button at the bottom-right of the screen (next to the “Simulate” button).

Generating a detailed preview of your project can help in a lot of ways.

For starters, you can clearly see when a bit will not carve part of your design. This is important if you are using a larger bit with a lot of fine details. Using the detailed preview feature helps you see when a bit is too large to fit into your design.

It’s also helpful to get a realistic rendering of your final project. Easel’s standard preview feature gives a general sense of what your project will look like, but the detailed preview provides you a life-like rendering of your project.

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