V-Carving Usability: Easel Pro FAQ

How do I select or use a v-bit in Easel Pro?

In Easel Pro, you’ll notice is the addition of v-bits in your Bit Selection menu. You can select the 90-degree or 60-degree v-bit from the menu. These are the v-bit sizes we sell in our store. If you have a v-bit with a different degree, you can select “other” and check the “v-bit” box to add the specs of your v-bit.

How do I carve fill shapes with a v-bit?

For fill shapes, v-bits carve as deeply as possible to the intended cut depth as long as the bit does not go outside the boundaries of the design. In other words, the bit will always attempt to carve down to the design’s cut depth. However, if carving to the indicated depth jeopardizes your design, the bit will not carve the full depth.

The bit yields to the design’s limitations first and foremost when carving fill shapes. In Easel Pro, fill shapes include any shapes displaying as “fills” in the Cut/Shape menu.

How do I v-carve text elements?

Text elements added using Easel Pro’s text tool qualify as fill shapes, as shown in the above GIF. Treating text elements as fill shapes allow v-bits to carve deeper on thicker parts of certain letters and shallower in thinner areas—even on the same letter.

Notice how the depth of the text in the next GIF doesn’t change, even when the depth is set considerably deeper on the Cut/Shape menu. This is because the bit cannot carve any deeper without going outside the boundaries of each letter’s design.

How can I make an inlay with a v-bit?

Unfortunately, Easel Pro does not currently support v-carved inlays at this time. We are always making improvements and updating Easel Pro, and we hope to add this functionality in the future.

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