Easel Pro FAQ and Overview

What is Easel Pro?

Easel Pro is a membership-based cloud software which builds upon Inventables’ free Easel software. Easel and Easel Pro minimize the barriers associated with complicated CAD and CAM product manufacturing software, making it easy for users to produce physical products. Easel Pro’s production efficiencies decrease the amount of time required to carve detailed products, enabling businesses to produce more products per day and bring in more income.

Who is Easel Pro for?

Easel Pro is targeted at people making a living off selling products produced on their machine(s). Our mission at Inventables is to build accessible communities and tools for the maker journey. Easel and Easel Pro are designed to work together and support the transition from learning to earning income. The market for manufacturing is changing. Today, people make their full living off X-Carve and Easel. Easel Pro helps them make more products per day because they can carve detailed products much faster. Producing more products per day means more money comes in each day.

Why did Inventables launch Easel Pro?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers starting, running, and growing businesses with our tools. We believe manufacturing is undergoing a transition. We are moving away from the 20th-century model, where large factories produced the majority of products, and into the 21st century: micro and indie manufacturing companies are producing products alongside factories. Easel Pro is focused on supporting and accelerating this transition.

What are the features and benefits of Easel Pro?

Easel Pro’s production efficiencies decrease the amount of time required to carve detailed products, enabling businesses to produce more products per day and bring in more income. In addition to production efficiency, businesses can expand their product offerings with Easel Pro’s built-in customization tools. With hundreds of built-in fonts, businesses can design personalized products for customers. 

With Easel Pro, business owners:
  • Report saving time on each product they make, allowing them to produce more products in a day
  • Sell products with a greater level of detail at a higher price point without increasing production costs
  • Offer more customization options to customers by choosing from hundreds of new fonts
  • Avoid investing in complex and expensive software
  • Can take 2D designs and achieve 3D effects using v-carving toolpaths and v-bits
  • Minimize production errors

How much does Easel Pro cost?

Monthly Easel Pro memberships are $19.99 per month. Annual Easel Pro memberships are $12.99 per month, billed as one payment of $155.88. Both memberships are recurring. Your membership includes access to all of Easel Pro's features, including an unlimited number of carves, plus access to an exclusive forum reserved only for Easel Pro members (coming soon!).

If you’re not ready to commit to an Easel Pro membership after using your four carve days, you can purchase an Easel Pro Day Pass. The Easel Pro Day Pass allows you to buy 24 consecutive hours of unlimited Easel Pro access (including carving) for $2.99 per day. Purchasing a Day Pass does not grant you access to the private Easel Pro forum. 

We are working on making Easel Pro free for classroom use. As soon as this is available, we will make an announcement. 

Can I try Easel Pro for free?

Anyone can design, preview, and simulate projects in Easel Pro for free. X-Carve and Carvey owners can carve Easel Pro projects for four (4) days every month without a membership. A paid monthly or annual membership provides you with unlimited access to Easel Pro. Learn more about activating your four carve days or paid membership in this Subscription FAQ article.

What's the difference between Easel and Easel Pro?

The easiest way to see the difference between Easel and Easel Pro is using this chart: 

Where can I learn more about Easel Pro's features?

We suggest checking out the other articles in the Easel Pro section of our Support Center for FAQs and tutorials around Easel Pro's features. 

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