Do you have video instructions for the X-Carve?

Unfortunately, we do not have video instructions available for the current model of the X-Carve.

However, one of our YouTube makers (Peter at New Brit Workshop) put together a comprehensive video series showing how he assembled his 750mm X-Carve. Even though the videos are for a 750mm machine, many of the same steps take place for both the 500mm and 1000mm machine. They can serve as a helpful reference if you need help understanding a part of your machine assembly. 

Here are the videos, in sequential build order with the X-Carve instructions: 

Assembly 1:

Assembly 2:

Assembly 3:

Assembly 4:


X-Controller Assembly:

Initial Testing

(machine set-up, reverse motor movements, z-probe set-up):

Dust Control Assembly:

Setting up the first project:

You can access video instructions for the 2015 X-Carve in the 2015 X-Carve instructions


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