Can you split my order into multiple shipments?

In order to comply with US export law and trade sanctions, the value of the goods listed on your order invoice(s) matches the retail value of the order. We are unable to intentionally split your order into multiple shipments in order to minimize the invoices’ stated commercial value.

For more information on duty and customs tariffs, please read this support article.

Your order may arrive in multiple shipments. X-Carve orders always ship in multiple packages. As such, some boxes may arrive before others, even when all items leave our warehouse on the same day.

If some of your items ship out at a later date, you will not pay additional shipping charges for these packages. However, you will need to pay the import and customs fees for each package, including backordered packages.

If you are concerned about shipping, duty, or customs tariffs on larger items (such as the 1000mm waste board) you can opt to build your own waste board.

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