Easel Tutorials

Walkthrough Tutorial: Workpieces

Easel supports dividing a single project up into multiple workpieces. This allows you to plan out a multi-part project within one Easel file, instead of having the project workpieces split into multiple Easel p...

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Importing Gcode from Fusion 360 into Easel

This video tutorial shows you how to download the Easel post-processor, install the post-processor in Fusion 360, and save your gcode toolpaths for use with Easel. In order to use this video, your project's CAM...

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Walkthrough Tutorial: Feed Rate Override

What is feed rate? Feed rate is the rate at which your machine advances along carve your project. For X-Carve and Carvey, the feed is measured in inches per minute (IPM). There’s a lot to learn about feed rate...

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