Walkthrough Tutorial: Time Estimates and Toolpaths

The "Simulate" button, found in the top right corner of the 3D design pane, allows you to get an estimated completion time for your project and visualize your toolpaths.

‚ÄčThe time estimator helps determine how long your carve will take to complete. This feature updates concurrently with changes to your project. In other words, you can tweak the Easel settings and hit "Simulate" again for a new estimated time.

Taking the time to adjust small settings for your project can help you minimize carve times and complete your projects faster! For instance, let's say you're currently using a 1/8" bit. The example below shows how changing from a 1/8" bit to a 1/4" bit will save over 30 minutes for the carve time. Those are precious minutes you can use for more projects! 

You can also try adjusting other Easel settings, such as material thickness or cut depth, and see how those changes affect your carving time.

The "Simulate" button also allows you to see the exact toolpaths your machine will take when carving your project. The red lines show the movement of the spindle between sections, and the blue lines indicate the passes carving out your material. 

Select "Hide Material" to see a clearer visualization of your project's toolpaths. You can move the 3D pane around to see the passes your machine will take. This also helps you clearly see any parts of a design that may not carve out due to your bit being too large (indicated by the red coloring). 


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