Walkthrough Tutorial: Enabling Beta Features in Easel

Want to try something new in Easel? You can enable some of our beta features directly in Easel and start using these advanced options in Easel today!

First, log in to Easel. Go to Machine > Advanced.

Once in the Advanced menu, you'll see the option to enable beta features at the bottom of the pop-up. The beta options will appear in the menu.

Beta toolpath architecture enhances how toolpaths are generated for your project. Some of the improvements include better tab toolpaths, better retractions of the z-axis, and better two-stage carve finishing passes.

If you want to learn more about a beta feature, you can hover your mouse over the ? to the right of the text. 

Once you have selected the option(s) you'd like to enable, close the window by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up window. 

Please remember that these are beta features, and they may not always behave correctly. We are still testing these features before releasing them to the public, so by using these beta features, you are helping us gather information about what goes wrong in a certain project and how we can make improvements before making these settings available to everyone. As a precaution, we suggest always clicking the "Simulate" button in the upper right corner so you know what to expect from your machine when it starts carving.  

We will continue adding new features and developments to Easel, and you can enable them from this same menu. Make sure you check in every few weeks to see what fun enhancements we add! 

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