Free Shipping Program FAQ

How do I qualify for the free shipping program?

In order to qualify for free shipping, you must be located within the contiguous United States and place an order for items equaling $100 or more, excluding items listed below.

*UPDATE AUG 22 2017*
X-Carve kits and accessories now qualify for free shipping!

What items are excluded from the program?

Items excluded are Carvey and vacuums.


What type of shipping method will be used?

The shipping method that will be used is UPS Ground. You can determine the time-in-transit with this UPS calculator.


What if I want my order expedited?

We can accommodate those customers in need of faster shipping by offering any of the UPS expedited options. The customer will simply be charged the difference in price between UPS Ground and the expedited option chosen. Those who are interested, please contact our Customer Success team with your order confirmation number and preferred shipping method.


What if I have an order for $99.99, do I still qualify for this program?

No, orders need to include qualifying items equaling $100 or more.


Do I qualify if my order is $99.99, but I’m charged sales tax and I pay over $100?

Unfortunately no, orders need to include qualifying items equaling $100 or more.


Do I qualify if my order is over $100, but includes both qualifying and excluded items?

Yes, but only if the included qualifying items have a value equaling $100 or more.


What if items in my order are out of stock?

You should receive a back order notification email shortly after placing your order with an estimated ship date for those out of stock items. As soon as the items are back in stock, they will be shipped out and a shipping notification email with be sent to you directly.


What if I JUST ordered before the start of this program, can I get my shipping refunded?

No, unfortunately only orders placed after the program start date will qualify for free shipping.


When does this program start and end?

The program starts February 21, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. CST!  At this point, we don’t know the end date. We’re learning as we go, and you’ll be the first to know as things change.


Why are we offering this program?

We’re launching this free shipping program as a bit of an experiment after the amazing response to last Cyber Monday’s offer. It’s a next step we’ll learn a lot from on our way to designing a future customer loyalty program.

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