Gift Card Promotion 2017 - FAQ

Which items qualify to get the materials gift card promo?

Any item available for purchase on the store qualifies towards earning the gift card. There are no limitations regarding certain categories of products.

When will I receive my gift code for the promotion?

The gift card will be sent in early-to-mid January. We will send the gift card to the email address associated with the corresponding order that qualifies for the $100 threshold.

Can I place two orders over $100 and get two gift cards?

Unfortunately, no. Gift cards are limited to one per customer. 

If I buy $200 worth of products, will I receive two $100 gift cards?

No. Gift cards are issued for orders totaling $100 or more. We will only issue one $100 gift card for any order over $100.

Can I apply the $100 gift code to my X-Carve order I just placed?

No. The gift codes that will be emailed in early-to-mid January only apply to future orders from Inventables.

Does the gift card expire?

Yes, but you’ll have almost a full year to put it to use. The gift card will expire on 1/1/19.

I placed my order during the Black Friday sale (or some other before the gift card promotion started). Can I receive a gift card? 

Unfortunately, orders placed prior to 12:00 am CST on Friday, December 1 do not qualify for the promotion. Only orders placed between 12:00 am CST on Friday, December 1 and 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, December 31 are eligible for the gift card.

My order is $99.99 before shipping. Will I receive a gift card?

No. Only orders that are $100 or more before shipping and taxes will receive a $100 gift card.

Does the $100 purchase threshold include shipping and taxes?

Your total order must be $100 or more before shipping and taxes. If your order is under $100 before shipping but over $100 including shipping, your order is not eligible to receive a gift card.

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